Cache-Cache is the first chapter of a larger body of work called Everything Condensed Sunlight, a collaboration between fine artists Lindsey Ross and Nic George. In this chapter the artists invite viewers into a dark world filled with rainbow light. Spectra are ubiquitous in the everyday world, although they may seem mythic and scarce. Rainbows are known for occurring in special circumstances (for example, when the sun comes out after rain or in the mist of a waterfall), but every beam of sunlight holds the potential to reveal rainbow spectrum. This elusive and immaterial subject is difficult to capture and requires skillful gameplay, realized in this creative process. While the spectrum is visually striking, it is merely made of photon wavelengths and has zero intrinsic mass. Chasing the spectrum becomes a primal game of hiding and seeking in this collaboration: one artist ‘painting’ the spectrum on the object, the other artist seizing the spectrum on film, with both artists taking turns with each role. A material object or subject is necessary to reveal the spectrum, but the spectrum remains the true subject under investigation. The material object becomes an accomplice, a palate, a canvas, or even an excuse for the spectrum to take form and be seen. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, the spectra appear most brilliantly in the shadow, and hide in the brightness of sunlight. The process is one of flux, and the artists, subjects (figures/objects/spectra), and prime light source (the Sun), must align if evidence of this magic is to be captured in a still moment.